Emotion and fruits harvested from interculturality

By: Judith Robleto

The First Intercultural Community University of Latin America, URACCAN, celebrated the XV graduation of 154 new professionals at its University Campus in New Guinea, with the presence of university, local, media, graduate family, teaching and administrative staff, who accompanied the young women, who were promoted in bachelor's, engineering and master's degrees.

According to the deputy venue chancellor, PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, the graduation activity is "one of the most momentous events in the institutional life of this house of knowledge, an event that allows us to reaffirm that at the age of 22 in the enclosure and at the 25 years of existence of this university, founded from the longing, conviction and effort of costly men and women, is being fulfilled" he said.

GraduationIn addition, the vice-returner reminded the present that "being professional is not only approving all subjects, but is a day-to-day construction, in every class, in every text and context, to value worldviews; in order to be professional we have to unlearn to relearn according to the need of us and the people around us; is to manage, to build from the respect of each other from the differences that make every human being special," the professor said.

A legacy of work and love for teaching

In addition, during his speech, Dr. López recalled the academic life of teacher Arsenio López Borge (Q.E.P.D.), at the compound and invited young people to "pay homage to the life of Master Lopez, doing well the work in the field, contributing to the development of his territory," he said.

URACCAN weaving Interculturality with Peoples

Also, the vice-chancellor added that the commitment of all as a URACCAN family is to demonstrate that respect, that relevance and that social, community and intercultural commitment to the peoples of the Caribbean Coast, the country and Latin America, "You are courageous and courageous; and an entire society is looking forward to it, because they have put their hope into those ideas that you surely bring to contribute to the development of your territory and the country," he added.

Likewise, during the event there was the presence of Dr. Leonor Ruiz, vice-chancellor of the URACCAN Las Minas venue, delegated by Dr. Alta Hooker, magnificent rector of URACCAN. In this sense, Dr. Ruíz assured those present that, "25 years after weaving interculturality with peoples, we continue to fulfill our mission of forming men and women, which contribute to the development and good life of our original peoples, Afro-descendants and half-breeds," she said.

TravelFinally, Dr. Ruiz congratulated the new graduates, reminding them that they are examples, "Today we celebrate the harvest and fruits of many efforts, sacrifice and dedication, so that the 154 new graduates continue to contribute so that the Caribbean coast continues to advance its development and therefore continue to radiate to the country", Ruiz said.

Words of thanks

Also, during the event there were the words of thanks from the graduate Nelly Oporta Andrade, who graduated with honors from the bachelor's degree in Pedagogy with mention in Education, who explained that "The transit of this path of dreams was long, but courageous, which began from our homes with the attentive and vigilant teaching of our parents and continued in this institution that has been an example and have had the tradition of forming successful women and men"; Assured.

For Oporta Andrade, "As the years go by, without realizing it, at least we suspected we became members of the URACCAN family, invading the classrooms, adding to our lives each of the experiences reflected" he said a tear of happiness and gratitude.

In the New Guinea precinct alone, this studio has graduated 2,218 people, since 2003 that opened its doors, of which 1,377 are women and 841 are male.