Dreams and aspirations that travel on paths and paths

By: Neylin Calderón

With the participation of 15 students he started the Doctoral Thesis Seminar I Workshop on Intercultural Studies of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua (URACCAN), in order to carry out a dialogue of knowledge and doing from the methodology of own research "Cultivation and Aging of Knowledge, Knowledge and Practices" (CCRISAC).

Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, rector of URACCAN, gave a message of motivation to PhD students, in the same way, emphasized that this meeting is part of the celebrations of the twentieth anniversary of the university, in addition the main objective of this fourth meeting is to analyze, review and approve the research profiles of students of the Doctoral Program in Intercultural Studies.

On the first day of the meeting, the teacher Yulmar Montoya Ortega, presented to the doctoral students the path of the creation and recreation of knowledge and practices since the research intercultural action of CCRISAC, for their part the teachers Carlos Velasquez and Neylin Calderón told their experiences implementing their own research methodology from URACCAN.

In addition, the libio Palechor teachers of the National Intercultural Indigenous University (UAIIN), Cauca, Colombia, showed the path of own research: La Chakana implemented in the students of this university, while the teacher Luis Fernando Sarango made known to the doctoral students the path of own research: Relational symbolic Vivencial implemented in the Amawtay Wasi Multiuriversity of Ecuador.

Spaces for reflection

On the second day of the seminar workshop meeting, 8 research profiles were presented, of which "Collective attitudes of students of Unibol Aymara Tupak Katari with regard to the vitality of the Aymara language, department of Peace" by Benigno Callizaya, also "Environmental knowledge of the indigenous territory Amasau: Mayangna community of Awas tigni, RACCN , Nicaragua", performed by Master Yader Galo.

The commission responsible for reviewing and approving research profiles is made up of Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, Phd. Maribel Duriez, teacher Letisia Castillo, Dr. José Saballos, teacher Francisco Perera and Dr. William Flores.