Sharing in a community intercultural environment

By: Neylin Calderón

With a great waste of culture, music and indigenous dances through the main streets of the city of Bilwi, the Festival of Carrozas was held in celebration of the 25 years of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), where the entire Porteña population could appreciate each of the floats that paraded in the city.

The floats were created by the candidates and candidates for the Miss and Míster URACCAN Bilwi enclosure pageant, who recreated them under the motto "Weaving interculturality with the peoples", using recyclable materials and with a message of loving mother earth, taking care of flora and fauna, in the same way, celebrating the XXV anniversary of our house of intercultural higher education and the 32 years of enactment of the Law of Autonomy.

URACCAN, daughter of Autonomy

Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of the First Intercultural Community University in Latin America, URACCAN, with a huge smile at the fervor and contagious cultural holiday stated that the realization of this festival is "in greeting to the 25 years of the university and the 32 years of passage of the autonomy law", Dr Hooker also added that this "is a very important moment for the region , we are celebrating the law of autonomy which frames our way and way of life," he emphasized.

The rector of URACCAN stated that since the law of autonomy exists in the Nicaraguan Caribbean Regions "it allows us to strengthen our identity, revitalize our culture, have our own Regional Model of Health, with a Regional Education System, with the law of territorial demarcation", said Hooker.

"Autonomy has walked beside its daughter who is URACCAN," Alta Hooker, URACCAN is the one who prepares the human talents of the region for the strengthening of indigenous, Afro-descendant and Mestizos peoples of the Caribbean Coast, the rector emphasized that "these floats represent each area of knowledge", also "all year round we will walk with pride for the celebration of the 25 years and the 32 of autonomy" Hooker finished.