Articulated works URACCAN Bilwi-Bluefields

By: Neylin Calderón

In its processes of transformation and assurance of the quality of education with relevance and effectiveness towards the Caribbean population, URACCAN seeks to improve and update the pensums of the careers offered in this alma mater. In this sense, the commission of the career of Sociology with mention in Autonomy, met to evaluate the methodological instruments that will be used in the validation and curriculum evaluation of that career.

SessionMaster Yader Galo, evaluation and institutional accreditation coordinator of the Bilwi campus, said that this process is prepared "for curriculum validation and the accreditation process, at the moment we are in an assessment of how the race is, an X-ray, in that sense the commission of the venue has met and developed the instruments for the collection of information" Mentioned.

It should be mentioned that these instruments were forwarded to the URACCAN Bluefields precinct, for review and comment, ensuring articulate work, "following this review of the documents, and entering the field to collect information, the next step would be the drafting of the report", Galo said.

This commission is composed of the MA. Sandra Hooker, in the role of advisor; Msc. Ivonne McLean, academic secretary; Ma. Yader Galo, evaluation and institutional accreditation coordinator and coordinator of the commission; Msc. Carlos Velasquez, coordinator of the sociology career; Mr. Jamilee Meissner; Mr. Denis Peralta and Msc. Glenis Escobar, who are part of the faculty of Sociology with mention in Autonomy.