Inspection of the institution's vehicles

By: Neylin Calderón

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), in its university campus Bilwi carries out processes of articulation and collaboration of works with the National Police with the aim of ensuring a better service in transport to the university community that make use of the buses that make the student journey, in addition inspected the vehicles of institutional use.

According to Kenny Dixón, vehicle inspection officer of the Bilwi National Police, Puerto Cabezas, this action is an orientation of the national headquarters by mandate of the presidency of the Republic of Nicaragua with the aim of preventing traffic accidents, in addition "for the safety of students, we are seeing school transport, the mechanical part, the state of vehicles" , explained the officer.

Coordinations to train on road education

For his part, The Danilo Rivera Graduate, administrator of URACCAN in the Bilwi campus, stated that this institution of higher education provides the transport service to students of different careers and modalities, "with the National Police in the transit area we are coordinating activities framed in road education courses to give a good service to our students" Argued.

In addition, Mr. Rivera said that from URACCAN we work to ensure that the student community has a quality service, "it is the only venue that has the transport service, framed in that, the university community demands good service, comfort in the transport units and that students can mobilize from the city of Bilwi to the kamla campus" Added.

In this regard, Officer Dixón called on drivers "to drive with caution so that there are no more tragedies because the ones who suffer are the relatives," the officer emphasized, adding that next Friday, January 25 of the current, there will be training with drivers working in educational institutions, whether from the Ministry of Education (Mined) or the two universities " training is about the prevention of road accidents, it will be provided by Deputy Inspector Chesley Nixon," concluded.