Quality models in higher education

By: Neylin Calderón

A total of 55 teachers between schedules and URACCAN permanents at the Bilwi campus, started on Monday with the first pedagogical training of the school year 2020, the central theme on this first day was the "Quality Model of Higher Education", facilitated by the teacher Noé Guadamuz.

According to Master Noé Guadamuz, coordinator of the area of Science, Technology and Environment the object is that; "The faculty must be clear that it is the quality of Higher Education from the vision of the National Evaluation and Accreditation Council (CNEA), we are sharing with teachers how this quality model is based," he said.

Similarly, this theme entails joining forces to "comply with what the CNEA commands to accredit us as a higher education institution, the issue of quality is not a new issue for us, we have been working since the evaluation process about 7 years ago, with the improvement plan process, however, we consider that this process of feedback and strengthening must be done on this issue" Guadamuz emphasized.

Targeting quality higher education

For her part, teacher Ivania Simons, coordinator of the area of Education Sciences said that these trainings are done every year because in some cases there are new teachers, "we as a university are committed to preparing teachers so that they can have the pedagogical teaching tools and meet the expectations of the students," she said.

In addition, these trainings help teachers contribute to the institution, "from their teaching-learning processes being able to take into account social elements that allow teachers, to be able to make students understand reality from different perspectives," added Professor Simons.

While, Graduate David Patterson, an education science teacher, said that these kinds of spaces fostered by URACCAN is to continue preparing his human resources "through training we are sharing successful experiences, as well as some difficulties that we have had over the course of last year, are spaces where we teachers are learning from others , that way we gradually feed the quality of higher education," Patterson said.

Topics to be addressed

Teacher training in the first half of the 2020 school year began on Monday, January 20, and will end next Saturday 25, where the following topics will be addressed; Higher Education Quality Model, facilitated by the Msc. Noah Guadamuz, Institutional Philosophy by the Phd. Enrique Cordón, vice-chancellor of the Bilwi campus, didactic planning, facilitated by coordinators of academic areas, including The Drafting and Derivation of Objectives, Methodological Strategics and Problem-Based Learning (ABP).