Compliance with the institutional health model

By: Keydi Bent

From the framework of the health model, the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC), of URACCAN Bluefields campus in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, held an educational talk with teaching and administrative workers, this with the aim of alerting about the Coronavirus and taking into account safety measures in the face of this new outbreak of disease, to take care of their health as those of their families.

Recommendations and measures to be taken

IMTRADEC Coordinator Grace Kelly said "we know the seriousness of this virus and we want to educate our university community so that we can prevent this infection here in the Region."

For his part Indira Raiti general doctor emphasized that among the symptoms, "it presents with a respiratory distrés, those affected presented cough, fever, fatigue, difficulty of breathing that we call dyspnoea and one of the very important things is that this has led a percentage of the population to death, that is why we must have preventive measures" Alerted.

In cases of infection or suspicion of having contracted the disease the galena alerted that self-medication is not recommended, "it is very important hygiene measures such as washing your hands with soap and water, as well as disinfecting your hands with gel alcohol, very important is that when we are coughing, covering ourselves with a handkerchief or forearm, but above all one of the very fundamental things is not to self-medicate Why? Because for that the Ministry of Health, we provide care if we immediately suspect we ingest, report and activate our system, it is over.

According to official records Wuhan's coronavirus has already caused the deaths of 170 people. Those infected reach 7,736, while suspected cases are 12,167. The virus has already spread to all regions of China.