Meeting with consultants at URACCAN Bilwi venue

By: Neylin Calderón

Under the Community Action for Reading and Safety Programme (CARS), the coordination managers and technical team of this project by URACCAN at the Bilwi compound were visited by consultants from the Fabretto Organization for the purpose of systematizing everything related to this project.

According to the Msc. Keith Narváez, Coordinator of External Cooperation at URACCAN Bilwi Precinct, the meeting aimed to "provide inputs where the before, during and after of the project in the North Caribbean of the country is presented," he said.

Likewise, Narváez emphasized that everything that has been done in the implementation of the project was presented "in the 22 schools that we have attended from 2017 to 2019, both in the municipalities of Waspam, Puerto Cabezas and Prinzapolka", emphasized.

Main impacts and achievements of the CARS project

In this context, the teacher stated that there were major impacts, achievements and also challenges during the implementation of this educational program "the project was aimed at primary education, preschool through third grade and the strongest part was related to self-writing, and the issue of citizen security," he noted.

URACCAN is an institution responsible for providing intercultural higher education, in this sense Narváez emphasized that, "This project was one of the first on the subject of primary school education and we have been told that we must work primary education from the outing of the box... we think it's easy... but already working with these schools we realize the reality of primary education at the Nicaraguan level and at the Caribbean Coast level," he said.

Finally, Narváez emphasized that through this project "teachers have been strengthened at the primary education level of the three municipalities mentioned above, but also, we consider that we have established many challenges that should be worked on on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua".

He emphasized that among the most prominent challenges is the continuous monitoring of writing and reading, "since at the level of the Ministry of Education (Mined), there is no registration system where you are told the levels of reading comprehension or reading fluency is this, it is considered to establish a database for the registration of such data", he concluded.