Tools to improve the quality of education

By: Neylin Calderón

URACCAN, in coordination with the Aprendo y Emprendo project, gives Mindset workshop to URACCAN officials and officials at the Bilwi campus, with the aim of sharing tools with teachers so that they can make the most of it with students for a change in attitude and behaviors in classrooms.

In this context, the Msc. Nelson Soza, facilitator, lecturer, coach and consultant in Latin America was in charge of delivering the workshop, where through examples, mental exercises, videos with thoughtful and dynamic messages he began to reflect, enjoy and participate to all officials and officials, "The tools are applicable, they are lively and do work," Soza said.

The teacher also stated, "That the way to transform the world is to transform ourselves as individuals, people do not change, people grow, when we teach people how to grow, we can transform a society, a community, a family, a country," Soza also said, this workshop will help teachers and students raise their expectations, fulfill and perform in their work and student performance " "The most important thing is to transform a before and after through certain tips that are easy to apply," he added.

About the Aprendo y Emprendo project

It should be mentioned that the project I learn and start, "It consists of providing scholarships to young people with risks so that they can complete technical careers or who can also take job qualification courses," said Shira Thomas, project representative on the Caribbean Coast.

This time we are working together with the university to strengthen young people in soft skills, including teachers, "The intention is that we can benefit both sectors," so that they can develop their skills, skills and attitudes through their own projects that contribute to society, Thomas said.

Making Ideathon

According to the Victor Zúñiga master's degree, director of the Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship area of URACCAN, this workshop is being carried out in coordination with academic secretariat, the Aprendo y Emprendo project and the Center for Innovation and Intercultural Community Entrepreneurship Slilma of the Bilwi campus, adding, which started with the teachers, then will be done with students from this campus , and will be completed on Thursday and Friday with an ideathon, where students will compete with their own projects and at the conclusion will choose the three best challenges they will bring to a given group and will be given funding to realize those dreams that will strengthen the Autonomous Regions of nicaragua's Caribbean Coast.