Cleaning up water sources in urban areas

By: Judith Robleto

Study of the second year of engineering in systems of the URACCAN campus New Guinea, since the commitment to the care of Mother Earth, embodied in the principles and institutional philosophy, perform cleaning of water sources of the urban area of the municipality.

"In this way students make URACCAN's mission of their own, which is to train men and women with knowledge, knowledge, humanist attitudes, a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, in balance and harmony with Mother Earth," said teacher Diana Blandón, teacher of the student group.

In addition, he said that "They make aware that we should not dirty the environment and devise some forms of recycling with plastic, because the main objective is to collect all the plastic that is on the road, he added.

Part of the work started from the early hours of the morning of the day was to place the plastic bottles found in sacks, until the channel was clean, and to ornament a place in the city. The practice of cleaning activities inside and outside the premises, has been a constant among the staff and students of this university campus, this from the commitment to a healthy environment for all.

Photos: Oved Zeledon