URACCAN works articulately with all its areas in the process of pre-planning 2021
This process will be worked on from the University Management System.
Judith Robleto

Strengthening institutional work

The intercultural community university works articulately among all its areas in a pre-planning process 2021. The activity that convenes all the human talent of the New Guinea campus is coordinated from the planning areas of URACCAN and Self-Assessment of this enclosure and from the budgetary part by the administrative team.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, "actions like these are important to do together, because so, in addition to uniform planning, we know what will be worked on from each area and how this involvement can occur".

López also noted that "our Vision and Mission is in force, our Vision remains relevant to the context and in order to fulfill our philosophy we are working on positioning the model of Intercultural Community University".

Activities such as the one presented become consistent with what is raised in the institutional philosophy of URACCAN, where truly participatory and contextualized processes are made.

In this sense, Master Yader Morales, responsible for Planning the enclosure, says that "this process responds to the practice of collective construction that has been had in the New Guinean compound. He also stated that "this pre-planning will work with a format we have already known and the benefits of the University Management System, which allow to expedite the planning work".

It is worth mentioning that it is a space where the different coordinations of areas work at first strategic planning, which for the university is important, since next year we work on the planning of the current year.