URACCAN Venue Bluefields participates in disinfection day
MINSA workers in disinfection work on the Bluefields campus.
Josselyn Flores

Inter-agency coordinations for and for life

The University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast (URACCAN), in its Bluefields compound, participated in the chlorine disinfection day implemented by the Ministry of Health as part of the coVID-19 prevention strategies.

The Bluefields campus has been working articulately with the Ministry of Health to promote health activities with staff and students, in the face of the current crisis. That is why the Risk Management and Joint Commission commissions in coordination with the Area of Hygiene and Safety have worked on various processes to protect the health of the university community.

Commitment to prevention measures

In this sense, the Licda. Katherine Flores, responsible for the area of Occupational Hygiene and Safety, argued that "this cleanliness was carried out as part of the measures that WHO has officialized, disinfection on the surface, as we know that is where the virus remains for a few hours".

According to the Licda. Katherine, "this cleanup was prioritized in the areas busiest by students; the boarding school rooms, classrooms, chairs, tables and walls were sprayed, as were another area where the liquid was applied was the roundabout, library and means of transport of the enclosure."

It should be noted that since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus a pandemic, URACCAN has been reluctant to follow each of the health measures that ensure the protection of its university community and has designed a protocol that addresses the interculturality of the Autonomous Regions.

This shows the commitment of this house of intercultural higher education, responding rationally to the context that is lived without affecting education, taking into account the safety and health care of its collective.

These measures will be constantly being implemented at the Bluefields compound to avoid risky situations and reduce the chances of contagion, protecting this university community's greatest treasure: health.