Academic meeting with a prospect of improvement to the Las Lianas trail
Authorities of the New Guinean compound on a walk along the Las Lianas trail.
Judith Robleto

For the revitalization of the Las Lianas trail

The Las Lianas trail, from the Natural Laboratory of URACCAN New Guinea, was the scene of the fifth meeting of the academic area so far in 2020. Surrounded by vegetation, participants evaluated the activities carried out until May 06, and planned the following, focused on improving this natural space.  

The meeting was attended by the areas of: Vice-Chancellor, Administration, Student Welfare and Hygiene and Security of the venue. According to teacher Iveth Blandón, these activities allow "to know the current state of the path and gives ideas on how to improve it".

For the teacher Consuelo Blandón Jirón, academic secretary, "it was very important to take this tour, because first of all the meeting is done in a natural environment and using the prevention measures given by the authorities".

Blandón Jirón also bets on the individual and collective commitment of the university community for the restoration of the trail, since "each area will be responsible for 365 meters to be able to rehabilitate the path", which consists of "cleaning, ornamentation, signage and labeling".

In this context, the teacher Antonio López Mairena, coordinator of the construction area, proposes that "the restoration of the Las Lianas trail is being a commitment of the entire university community; that is why since they are already working for the reopening of the bridges with the participation of civil engineering students, who are committed to building 6 bridges and for this we already have the budget".

The Las Lianas trail was inaugurated in 2016, through the efforts of the master Arsenio López (Q.E.P.D) and the fifth year of Agroforestry Engineering, generation 2012-2016; subsequently, different groups of students, teachers and authorities have been giving it maintenance, so that it can be presented in the future as a tourist space where it can be lived in harmony with Mother Earth.