URACCAN, through IREMADES, and Project Tapir Nicaragua deliver uniforms to rangers
URACCAN, through its institutes and centers, has carried out various studies and ecological projects on the Caribbean Coast.
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Accompaniment of support to community leaders for the protection of Mother Earth

Within the framework of the projects for the protection and conservation of biodiversity of the Caribbean Coast promoted by URACCAN, through the Institute of Natural Resources Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES), in conjunction with the Tapir Nicaragua Project and the indigenous communities of Awaltara, the perimeter that is intended to be a protected area was approved by territorial assembly.

These projects have resulted in partnerships with community leaders to build awareness-raising and protection strategies for the natural resources and endangered species living in the area, including tapir.

Delivery of uniforms to rangers

In this sense, one of the commitments of IREMADES and the Tapir Project is to accompany and support the Community throughout the process of creating the reserve. In the face of this, the MSc. Xiomara Treminio, coordinator of the institute, and Juan Mendoza, field assistant of Project Tapir, gave community leaders the uniforms for eight rangers of the territory, as well as brochures and posters with information from the Tapir to continue raising awareness about the protection of this species and its importance for the reforestation of forests.

The president of the territorial government of Awaltara, Moisés Loaisiga, said: "We are very grateful to URACCAN and the Tapir project for the delivery of the uniforms of the rangers, according to the approval we made unanimously in territorial assembly of the polygons where the reserve area will be taken, this motivates us because it contributes to the protection of flora and fauna so that we protect and keep our forests alive."

"We are committed and willing to continue working and supporting all these actions carried out by the university for the benefit of our territory, so we have sent our rangers to preparations in Managua, with the Fifth Ecological Battalion, to provide assistance in the territory and patrols in the area," he added.

Previous project studies

It should be noted that the previous studies to implement this project in the territory of Awaltara were carried out by this House of Intercultural Higher Studies, through IREMADES, and the Tapir Nicaragua Project, together with the Institute for Intercultural Communication (ICI) and a group of students of the Agroforestry Engineering career who carry out their monographic research within the framework of the project to accompany these communities.