Psychology Students in Multicultural Contexts Give Bluefields High School Talks
URACCAN students hope to promote healthy living habits and practices among the city's youth.
Josselyn Flores

Good practices in Bluefields youth

Within the framework of the subject Community Practices, students of the fourth year of the Bachelor of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts share preventive messages about the use of narcotics, with the presentation of informative murals under the theme "Disorders related to cannabis".

This activity took place at six high schools in the city of Bluefields, where young psychologists gave talks to students about the consequences of using this drug; they also shared self-help and thoughtful messages in strengthening adolescents vulnerable to falling into the use of hallucinogenic substances.

According to the Licda. Wienis Bowie, the information murals were presented to students of Moravo College, Adventist, San Marcos, Bautista, National Institute October 30, and the Normalist School October 8.

"As psychologists committed to the well-being of our community, we carry out this activity with the aim of raising awareness among the student population about the serious consequences of the use of this drug, informing them where to go if they meet someone who needs help."

The purpose of psychologists is to generate changes in the young people and adolescents of the city, instilled healthy values and practices. The Humanities area accompanies this community work process, thus strengthening the humanist and professional principles that must characterize URACCAN health workers and graduates.