URACCAN venue Bluefields convenes English courses (limited quota)
These courses are carried out by the CARCIP Nicaragua program.
Ricardo Guzmán

URACCAN, from its venue in Bluefields, convenes the English Courses it provides in articulation with Telcor, executed by the Caribbean Regional Communications Infrastructure Improvement Program (CARCIP), and aimed at Nicaraguans over the age of 18, whose aspirations are to work in IT/ITES Industries (call centers) and who have communicative and technological skills.

This call is part of the Vision and Mission of this university, which point to educational relevance, the identity development of the Autonomous Regions and the training of professionals with knowledge, knowledge, skills, principles and values, with a high sense of entrepreneurship and innovation.

These English courses, which are part of URACCAN's efforts to promote the potentials of the Caribbean population, require strong commitment from applicants, as they have scholarship possibilities, for which they must download the attachment in this article (Registration Form) and send to the emails provided below or printed and delivered personally to the URACCAN Academic Secretariat office Bluefields venue.

Enrollment Requirements:

  • Nicaraguan male or female, over the age of 18.
  • Possess basic and/or technical knowledge of the English language.
  • Medium or higher technician, high school, student or university graduate, graduate professionals.
  • Basic competencies in ICT, PC usage, Microsoft Office (especially Word and Excel).
  • Management of the Internet and social networks.
  • Let it aspire to work in the IT/ITES industry, Call Centers
  • Fill out scholarship application format.
  • September 7-11, 2020 interview
  • Exam September 08-11, 2020

Once you have filled out the Enrollment Format, send to the mail: secretariaacad.uraccanblfd@gmails.com. Or go to the offices of the Academic Secretariat of URACCAN Bluefields campus

Contact mail: secretariaacad.uraccanblfds@gmail.com

For any additional information, please contact the following numbers:

Cell phones: 82194648 ---- MSc. Heidy Guillén Romero.

88554711 ---- Nora Figueroa Navas.