II Ceremony of Imposition of Cofias and Badges to students of the Senior Technician in Intercultural Nursing
Students of the Senior Technician in Intercultural Nursing.
José Garth Medina

The activity was done in memory and homage to master Ariel Chavarría Vigil.

In memory and as a special tribute to the teacher Ariel Chavarría Vigil (Q.E.P.D.), who was academic secretary of the Las Minas venue, in the mama Cheya auditorium was held the II Ceremony of Imposition of Cofias and Badges, by the rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, and authorities of the Ministry of Health of Siuna, to students of the Superior Technician in Intercultural Nursing.

To begin the ceremony, master Baudilio Miguel Lino, of the Indigenous Mayangna people, purified all students, a practice of the ancestors to cleanse the body and soul before entering the mountains, as a form of respect for Mother Earths.

The rector of URACCAN explained that "in memory of our dear brother and friend, teacher Ariel Domingo Chavarría Vigil, 39 cofias and 11 badges are being handed over, to 39 half-breeds, 5 miskitos and 5 Mayangnas and 1 to the Afro-descendant people, who have a responsibility to provide relevant and quality care."

The vice-chancellor of the compound, Dr. Angélica Leonor Ruiz Calderón, offered the words of welcome to the students of the Senior Technician in Intercultural Nursing, reminding them that "they are reaffirming their vocation to which they have been called to serve; this imposition of cofias and badge is a sign of responsibility. URACCAN, under the model of intercultural community university, promotes the training of professionals, relevant, quality and with new paradigm that encompasses respect for Mother Earth, mountains rivers and lagoons and the worldview of our communities".

The master's degree Sorayda Herrera Siles, academic secretary of Las Minas, said that the cofia and the badge represent discretion, dignity, respect, value, responsibility, simplicity, service to humanity, loyalty to the profession, therefore, those who carry it must do so with honor and pride.

In this sense, the rector asked all intercultural nurses to provide relevant and quality care, making each of the people they care for have the care they need and need, and the same opportunity to seek independent health services to the people they belong to and their way of seeing the world.

Ceydin Aguilar Sáenz and Joheisi Ortega, the best students of the technician, thanked the authorities of URACCAN, the teachers, the parents of families and especially God for having allowed them to be in this training process.

El Dr., Rigoberto Chávez, director of the Carlos Centeno Primary Hospital in Siuna said that, for the Ministry of Health, this second imposition of cofias is symbolic, since they undertake to provide quality care to all patients in Nicaragua.

The official further indicated that these staff may serve to fill the required places in the new departmental hospital.

Feelings of parents

The parents of families who were in charge of this event expressed great pride and excitement at the reception of cofias and badges, said Josefa del Rosario Guardián López. Hence, Alvaro Moreno will state that "the successes of our children are ours, since we all celebrate the good and bad times and we are excited that our children are escalating in education".

Composition to the legacy of Master Ariel Chavarría Vigil

Wendy Mendoza Leiva presented a composition directed towards master Ariel Chavarría Vigil and a flower was deposited in her memory. "Proud of you knowing that you enjoyed yourself; your smile dictated it, O my God, we will never forget it; so immense was your transmission, so vast your wisdom that you gave us with your intellect; Thank you for making us our stay at URACCAN in a home," said part of the compassion in honor of Master Chavarría Vigil.