URACCAN Bluefields venue successfully concludes Sam Pitts Scientific Day
The vice-chancellor of the bluefields venue, teacher Diala López, with the teachers and researchers of URACCAN.
Josselyn Flores

Providing knowledge, knowledge and practices

He successfully completed Sam Pitts Scientific Day, at the Bluefields compound, under the direction of teacher Neydi Gutierrez, coordinator of the research and postgraduate area. With the participation of nine teaching presentations from the four URACCAN campuses. The activity was transmitted by Facebook live of this institution, reaching the costly population with each of the important themes shared by the speakers.

Agenda of the themes

First, the presentation of the New Guinean teacher, Diana María Blandón, began, who shared the theme "Feelings and emotions before the Covid-19 pandemic in URACCAN students". He also exhibited Mr. Mario Mejía, of the Bluefields venue, the theme "Capacity Building in the Educational Process of Sociology Students".

The third presentation was developed by the MSc. Marbella Jirón, from the Bluefields enclosure, addressing "The identity of the mestizo costeño". The Institute of Natural Resources, Environment and Sustainable Development (IREMADES) was attended by Ing. Armando Dans, who gave the conference "El Danto at RACCS: Advances and Challenges in Its Conservation".

Continuing with the stipulated agenda, MSc participated. Silguean Gutierrez, with his study "A different mathematical education, (in) visibility of the intercultural perspective of gender". In addition, the Center for Multi-ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) participated in this event with the research "Gender, Violence and Spirituality (Chapter RAACS)".

From New Guinea also addressed the "Influence of laboratory practices on the academic training of students of the civil engineering career at URACCAN campus New Guinea in 2020", by teacher Guillermo Montiel.

He finally exhibited the Bilwi compound with the participation of Yeimi Bordas, with the theme "Knowledge and medicinal practices before the management of COVID-19 in older adults Miskitu of the community of Kamla, Municipality of Puerto Cabezas, Autonomous Region of the North Caribbean Coast"; and from the Las Minas campus, Professor Isidoro Rodríguez presented his presentation "Hearing interpretation of the English language through the implementation of methodological strategies URACCAN-Las MINAS, RACCN".

Goals of the conferences

Teacher Neydi Gutierrez said that "scientific conferences at this university are a space for creating and recreating knowledge, knowledge and practices; it's a process of sharing and sharing what we teachers do in research."

"It also motivates us to continue conducting research, this time the topics were oriented to our current context in the search to respond to the problems that we have every day, both in the field of health and in the processes of teaching-learning and environment".

To conclude with this scientific-academic event, teachers who gave the event enhanced their important studies were certified, which are a contribution to the educational community of URACCAN.

In this sense, the vice-chancellor of this university campus, professor Diala López, thanked the presentations of each of the teachers, ensuring that they contribute to the construction of this intercultural university, "all these topics have left us great learnings, which is the objective of these scientific days that exchange of knowledge".