URACCAN Bilwi venue resumes face-to-face classes
Phd. Cordón: "People were very grateful to the venue and the accompaniment we gave them."
Neylin Calderon

ETA Hurricane Pass Ratings

Following the passage of Hurricane ETA, URACCAN's classes at the Bilwi compound and the Waspam extension remained suspended. However, thanks to its commitment, resilience and optimism, the educational community of this campus reactivated its activities on Thursday, November 12, both in educational and administrative work.

First, all the staff, administrative and teaching, held a cleaning day, as the Bilwi campus facilities were severely affected by the hurricane; then the call was made to the student community, to present this Thursday in total normality to its face-to-face and virtual classes, as has been worked on in all the enclosures and extensions of the URACCAN.

According to the vice-chancellor of the compound, Enrique Cordón, PhD, the assessment and assessment of the damage to the campus gave a monetary result of more than 3 million córdobas, without taking into account the destroyed houses of officials and officials.

"We immediately after the hurricane passed, on the 05th and 06th we began to reactivate the compound with all the workers, the call was made of workers, teachers, students and with the whole community university, that was very significant because we saw the solidarity of each of the members of the university community, with regard to our second home which is the university , which is the Bilwi enclosure," he said.

Community accompaniment through the shelter centre on the grounds

It is important to mention that the Bilwi compound served as a shelter center for families surrounding the campus, the community of Kamla, El Retén and the Galilee neighborhood, "we had approximately 200 to 250 people and we had a group of 40 internal students that we accompanyed them here to give them safety, but also the accompaniment of the food and health point of view with the accompaniment of the medical career (...); people were very grateful to the venue and the accompaniment we gave them," Cordón concluded.