From the Bluefields campus, URACCAN launches Sam Pitts Science Teachers' Day
The vice-chancellor of the Bluefields compound, teacher Diala López, giving the words of welcome.
Josselyn Flores

Providing knowledge from teachers' experiences

URACCAN, from its Bluefields venue, held the opening ceremony of the Sam Pitts Scientific Conference of Teachers, which takes place from the Nora Rigby Library and live through this institution's Facebook, with the participation of authorities and teachers from the four university campuses, who will address their research on topics relevant to regional development and focused on education strategies , interculturality and the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the event, the sacred notes of the National Anthem, as well as the Hymn of Autonomy, were sang. The invocation was also made to the Most High, to leave the participation of the teacher Diala López, vice-chancellor of the campus, with the words of welcome.

With a warm reception, the teacher greeted the host teachers of this day, which will be developed through presentations, in the same way thanked all those present who accompany this important event.

"It's nice to have your participation. Get a warm greeting. We have gathered at this academic event to share the knowledge and knowledge of the peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast," said teacher Lopez.

"Thanks to the authors who are contributing to us, the important thing here as a university is that we are always contributing to this construction of knowledge and knowledge of the peoples."

The vice-chancellor noted that the presentations are framed in the multi-ethnic context and interculturality, to promote development with the identity of the costly community and nurture academic life.

The teacher also emphasized the importance of projecting this activity, not only with the university community, but also with the population through the media that are externally doing the activity through live broadcasts.

"We are not only reaching out to the university community, but also to the people, to the population, sharing these results to contribute to development and continue to form the men and women who contribute to the Caribbean Coast," she concluded.