URACCAN Bilwi campus optimistically begins school year 2021
During the Common Semester, students will receive the following subjects: Spanish, Basic Mathematics, English, Caribbean Coast History and Computer Science.
Neylin Calderon

Quality education relevant to the context of the Caribbean Coast

Despite the difficulties caused by Hurricanes Eta and Iota, this Monday, January 04, URACCAN Bilwi campus began with the 2021 school year, where students of the Bachelors of Education Sciences were responsible for opening this new school year. As academics prepare to take the Proedeutic Course to begin next Monday, January 11.

Teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the campus, said that this year the bachelor's degrees in Education Sciences are being offered with mention in Mathematics, English and Language and Literature, "they have meetings from today 04 to 30 January, there are four intense weeks that they will be in classrooms, then they come in Holy Week to close the first semester".

Also, the Licda. Arelys Simons Mejía, teacher of the first year of Language and Literature, from This Monday to Saturday 09 January will be teaching the subject of Writing Techniques and Reading Understanding, aiming to develop the skills of reading, spelling and grammar in students, who in the next five years will become professional teachers of the Autonomous Regions.

It should be mentioned that in Language and Literature there is a tuition of 18 students, where most are belonging to the indigenous communities of Puerto Cabezas. "I feel that they have that fear of relating to others, but yes, the expectation is to enforce them with the philosophy of URACCAN, promote interculturality, and make them have that freedom to express themselves," she said.

Similarly, Mr. Alfredo Simons Mejía, teacher of the subject Natural Resources to students of the second year of English, stated that the main objective is to share knowledge on the protection and care of biodiversity, with the approach of the Caribbean Coast, which highlights the importance and identification of the resources that exist in the Regions , "what resources have been exploited and what are the consequences of individual use of natural resources".

On the Propedeutic Course and the Common Semester 2021

Teacher Ivonne McLean, academic secretary of the campus, explained that the Propedeutic Course is a mandatory educational program for first-income students, "pre-matricles are open until January 11, the Propedeutic Course will begin on Monday 11, we will complete 120 hours of the Propedeutic Course for students of the first entry, this is a requirement".

URACCAN, in 2021, has articulated work with the Ministry of Education to be able to serve in a special way the student community that because of the affectations of the Covid-19 pandemic and hurricanes Eta and Iota have received most of the classes online, being one of the biggest limitations in teaching-learning.

Faced with this, McLean said that by 2021, the university is considering the development features of the school year, "this year in addition to the Propedeutic Course, we are going to do a common semester, which is that the Propedeutic Course will be a diagnosis and leveling in two modules especially: Mathematics for life and oral and written communication, in addition you will see Vocational Guidance , so that they can become profiled in what their career is going to be, and Institutional Philosophy so that they understand all the work of the Intercultural Community University," he said

It should be mentioned that this course is composed of 120 hours classes and starts on January 11 and ends on January 29 of the same month, "for Sabatino students who opt for careers that are offered in the Sabatino start on January 09 and end on January 31".

At the end of this course, immediately in February begins with the common semester to be completed in June, explained the academic, adding, that this will be the continuity of the leveling that took place previously, "knowing that all this year, the year that passed the students had many limitations, first with the context of the Covid , where many (educational) schools suspended their face-to-face classes and were doing their virtual classes, students have had some limitations."

Finally, McLean said that during the Common Semester process, students will receive the following subjects: Spanish, Basic Mathematics, English, Caribbean Coast History and Computer Science.