Undergraduate degree in Intercultural Nursing begins rotating internship process
Official delivery of undergraduate students in Intercultural Nursing
Official delivery of undergraduate students in Intercultural Nursing
Judith Robleto

Putting into practice the knowledge acquired

With the ongoing accompaniment of health professionals, URACCAN teachers and health staff at Jacinto Hernández Hospital in New Guinea, 14 students of the third year's degree in Intercultural Nursing from URACCAN New Guinea, will conduct their rotating internships in this hospital center and urban health units, for two months.

The authorities of URACCAN, made delivery of the young students to the authorities of the Ministry of Health, during a ceremony held in the hospital of the municipality, where the students became part of the care staff, complying with the rules governing this health institution.

For Dr. Diego Calvo, director of the hospital, it is essential that participants meet values such as "respect, responsibility, discipline and good interpersonal relationships, especially with patients; to those who have to see as a member of our family," Dr. Calvo said, reminding them that they are due to patients and that they are preparing for it.

Intercultural institutional values

In this sense, the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of URACCAN new Guinea, recalled that the added value to the quality of care of URACCAN students is warmth, since "our students are trained, in addition to humanistic values, in teamwork, in warmth when it comes to attending", in addition, the vice-chancellor invited health personnel to ensure that they comply with the correct use of young people's clothing , this being part of the discipline to be fulfilled.

For his part, Dr Fernando Canales, Director of the Local System of Integral Health Care (SILAIS-Zelaya Central), said that "usually and by vocation the nurse is supportive, he is voluntary and empathetic, with these beautiful, qualities plus discipline and stealth, he manages to be a good nurse", that is why the official urged young people to develop their practices and their work in the best way.

A space of constant theoretical and practical learning

The event, had a chat space for those present, activity by the licensee Mileydi Meza Giménez, who recalled three strategic lines of nursing: strengthening nursing leadership, ensuring the quality of family and community nursing care, as well as compliance with the technical nursing procedure.

In addition, students contributed to their expectations and searches during this practical process, "treating patients with love, humanism and empathy as if they were our relatives will be important to make him feel better and soon leave the hospital where he is", said the young Lesly García Toruño.

URACCAN, New Guinea Campus, underperturbed a bachelor's degree in Intercultural Nursing from 2015, becoming one of the emblematic careers of this studio house; because this career manages to unite Western and traditional knowledge to improve human health. In addition, during this process of prematricles, this degree is the most demanded, according to academic record of the venue.