Entrepreneurship Fair in URACCAN New Guinea

By: Judtih Robleto

URACCAN, from its university campus in New Guinea, holds an entrepreneurship fair, with the participation of the study of the business administration career.

During the development of the activity, students presented to the public, special guests, jury and teachers, their final projects; which in turn are designed in small businesses to kick-start in the short or medium term.

"We are Los Vaqueros and as part of the eredurism class we are presenting products made mainly of leather that is no longer useful in a woodworking, so we are making more profits, but it is also a way to help the environment because it is not wasted," said Wilmer Orellana, a fourth-year student in business administration.  

Greylin Gonzáles also presented, together with his 4 teammates, GHAJY wine, "A wine that is made from Jamaica, very rich, natural; that is planted as a vision to be recognized locally, nationally so that it is competitive," he said.

URACCAN promoting execution and business ideas

In this context, Master Oved Zeledón, coordinator of the administrative and computer sciences area of the campus, argued that "This is an activity that we semestrally carry out from the area, with the aim of publicizeing the ideas and some innovative projects of the boys, through the development of subjects such as edprendurism and innovation and innovative projects 1 and 2 , where students put their knowledge into practice, but also concrete them by exposing the different projects," he said.

On the other hand, teacher Yamilex Aguilar, professor of eredurism and innovation of the venue, said that "Students have carried out a complete process of elaboration of products and services since the first semester of the race with the elaboration of the prototype and business plan, now present the final product plus the business plan with all the improvements that were made in the first semester" Said.

In conclusion, teacher Aguilar referred to the joint work with the Ministry of Family, Community, Cooperative and Associative Economics (Mefcca), ensuring that "She has been in the accompanying process to see how we can achieve these boys with a seed fund and generate income," she added.

Making the possibility of entrepreneurs a reality

URACCAN since 2017, has been motivating through these events to the student so that they can apply to the seed fund, which this studio offers to the best teams, so that they execute their business ideas.