URACCAN, Robotics Launch

Delegation of URACCAN students ready to participate in the 4th Robotics Launch

By: José Bermúdez

URACCAN, through a delegation of students from the Las Minas Campus, will participate with a demonstration through its production line, for the quality and hygiene of tubers, in the Launch of the 4th National Robotics Olympiad 2020, which takes place this Friday, February 28.

The university, trying to bring what technology is to the Caribbean Coast area, we are trying to enter a new field, where revolutionizing will be our main goal, that is, to achieve greater results using something new, it also goes on that students are already entering this, one so that they can one day manipulate it easily," said engineer Yasser Miranda , URACCAN teacher, Las Minas campus.

This competition opens at the national level, where challenges are available, students in group of three, choose a challenge based on their classification, whether junior, wido or at the Tetrix level, which is a level they took out this year, the remains are launched worldwide, that same day competes to solve the challenge in less time possible to provide a solution.

Miranda, he also said, "as URACCAN," we want to demonstrate that using these tools we can create projects, like the one we will show, which is a production line for the quality and hygiene of tubers, whether cassava, quequisque, we want to demonstrate the production process, whether washing, drying, moving from one container to another, then moving to paraffin and then to storage.


The Br. Faruch Chavarria, student of Engineering in System, at URACCAN, Las Minas enclosure, comments that, "We start to receive training from February 4th, the idea is that the university can carry at scale a prototype that simulates a production line, because of the characteristics of the area can be based on the process of some crops."

Chavarría, he also explained, "my expectations are to make a good presentation, to show that we as an Intercultural university have the ability to get ahead of ourselves, with these types of technologies and to be able to keep track for guys who want to venture into what are new technologies," he said.

Br. Henry Diaz, URACCAN student, Las Minas precinct, comments that, when we were given the trainings they were explaining step by step what we had to do., and also the way the programming was well explained , it's been pretty good. He emphasized, the student.