Aspects of operation 2020 will be known

Jose Garth Medina

The first session of the University Council of URACCAN, began on Thursday, February 27, 2020, at the university campus of URACCAN Las Minas, on its campus in Siuna, with the presence of representatives of teaching and administrative guilds, students, vice-chancellors and vice-chancellors, URACCAN association and the URACCAN management team.

As a standard established at this university, the general secretary of this house of intercultural higher studies, Dr. Cyril Omeir, once the quorum was verified and the reading of the previous agreements proceeded to the opening of the session, chaired by Dr. Alta Hooker, Rector of URACCAN.

Agenda items

During this session, the Governor of the North Caribbean Coast, Carlos Alemán, will participate, who will present the regional government's investment plan.

During this first meeting, the 2019 budget implementation and the 2020 budget will be known. Similarly, the results of the research, "Anxiety towards mathematics in civil engineering students", by the master's degree Sabino Ariel Olivar Molina and Learning mathematics in the first year of agroforestry engineering, by the master's degree Javier Osmar Artola.

Other points include the indicators of the Observatory to Regional Autonomy, the minimum laws, state of the art of the area of student practices of Psychology (Bluefields), TAPIR conservation project, results and impact of the ecosystems project in the North Caribbean region.

The highest authorities will participate in the IX graduation of professionals in the Mama Cheya auditorium, scheduled for the afternoon of this Thursday, February 27, 2020.

The University Council is the ultimate decision-making instance of Uraccan's work, institutional plans are proposed and approved here, they make decisions about fundamental aspects of URACCAN's institutional life.

The next meeting will take place at the Bilwi venue in June this year.