Fumigation day

By: Betty omier

The area of Hygiene and Safety of URACCAN, in its Bluefields enclosure, in coordination with the Ministry of Health (Minsa), holds a day of fumigation, in order to combat outbreaks of dengue, since, currently, there is an epidemiological alert due to the spread of the virus.

The importance of fumigations and pest control are operations typical of sanitation and environmental hygiene actions, taken by the university, in articulation with the Minsa, due to the number of diseases that can be spread, both at home and at work.

These actions allow planning for urban pest control, whether at home or at work, so the necessary measures must be taken to avoid these types of problems, solving them from the beginning, preventing these pests from spreading rapidly.

That is why from URACCAN, it is intended to warn to adopt a series of protocols, suitable, to prevent rodents, insects or some pathogen from affecting health.