URACCAN participates in National Science, Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Day 2020
The deputy chancellor of the compound, PhD. Eugenio López, was in charge of the methodology of the presentations.
Judith Robleto

Of the 32 papers on display, 8 were students and teachers from the New Guinea campus.

URACCAN, as a member of the National Council of Universities (UNC), is part of the Territorial Exposciences, an activity that is developed with the aim of promoting, disseminating, developing and bringing to the Nicaraguan population the different scientific and technological disciplines, as well as fostering an approach between scientists, spreaders, researchers, innovative entrepreneurs, technologists, students and participating authorities.

In this sense, with great participation of the population, URACCAN students, together with their teachers, made presentations of research and projects, exchanging their knowledge, solutions and innovations, which are being generated in the training instances of human talents.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the New Guinea precinct, "this space promotes the scientific, technological information and innovation, which are fundamental bases for the economic, cultural and social development of our country".

The professor, who led the presentation methodology in exposcience, also noted that of the 32 papers and research exhibited, eight are of students and teachers of URACCAN in New Guinea.

Also, the teacher Claribel Castillo, mayor of the municipality, said that "these types of spaces are very important because they promote the participation of entrepreneurs, of young students who have these innovative initiatives".

Castillo also noted that the fair has the participation of "producers, traders who have innovated, who are adding value to what is produced here, such as cocoa, pineapple, coffee, and these are opportunities that we from universities, from local governments, from institutions have to do and promote".

Eliseo Dávila Ojeda, a fifth-year student in Administrative Informatics at the New Guinea campus and part of the team that presented robotics, said that "educational robotics is about teaching students how to implement strategies to solve a problem; it helps us implement skills as professionals in the field of problem solving, today everything is automated in large industries and something that comes to improve processes." The young man, along with his teacher and classmates, made presentations of the skills of his robot at the expo, which caught the attention of the young public present, as well as the digital designs and models of Civil Engineering.

The fair promotes the practical application of science, technology and innovation through the generation and exchange of knowledge, knowledge, technologies and innovations to sustainable development with the prominence of women, young people and children in the territories.