URACCAN authorities articulate Institutional Life Plan at Las Minas campus
Pictured, the Director of Planning, MSc. Adrián Puerta, with the Director of Evaluation, MSc. Marbel Baltodano.
José Garth Medina

Ratifying the Intercultural Community University model

URACCAN Planning and Evaluation Coordinators articulate the Institutional Life Plan 2021-2030 in the Las Minas campus, which will be presented to the University Council for approval, the above was expressed in Siuna by the teacher Víctor Adrián Puerta Chavarría, director of Planning of this study house.

"We are now ordering, processing, analyzing all the information that was generated in two institutional workshops, and it is being taken to a strategic thinking matrix to have documentation," said URACCAN's Director of Planning.

It is expected that the first draft of URACCAN's Intercultural Life Plan, designed for the period 2021-2030, will be being present in December.

URACCAN's institutional philosophy has had some changes to ratify the model of Intercultural Community University, but the spin-down prevails and remains in force, argued master Yuri Zapata Webb, vice-chancellor general of URACCAN.

Master Zapata Webb further stated that in this new ten-year planning of URACCAN, Autonomy delves into elements that have to do with intercultural innovative entrepreneurship. "What you want is to make a sense of belonging to the theme of innovation, and the philosophy of the model is maintained with some adaptation to ratify the model of Intercultural Community University," he explained.

On the subject of evaluation, URACCAN met the improvement plan 94% and is now only expected to resume the verification process, as explained by teacher Marbel Baltodano, Director of Evaluation.

The National Evaluation and Accreditation Council (CNEA) agreed that the verification peers will be visiting the universities in March 2021, after the COVID-19 pandemic had to suspend this process in the country.

URACCAN, from its model of Intercultural Community University, carried out a comprehensive process of consultation at all levels, which are basic for the construction of the Intercultural Life Plan 2021-2030, a process that advances with firm steps.