URACCAN New Guinea celebrates the VI Act of Imposition of Cofia
Imposition of Cofia in URACCAN New Guinea precinct
Imposition of Cofia in URACCAN New Guinea precinct
Judith Robleto

Intercultural nurses and nurses committed to the region

URACCAN campus New Guinea carried out the VI act of imposing cofias on 34 second-year students of the technician in Intercultural Nursing, of whom 7 young men were boys who received from the rector a brooch with the logo of this house of knowledge.

The magnificent event was attended by the magnificent rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker Blandford, the Vice-Chancellor General, MSc. Yuri Zapata, members of the University Council of Campus (CUR), teachers, delegations of the Ministry of Health (Minsa), the Local System of Integral Health Care (Silais New Guinea) and relatives of students.

The ceremony, which represents the degree of progress on the path of formation and demonstrates the level of learning they have reached, opened with the words of welcome by the deputy vice-chancellor of the venue, PhD. Eugenio López, who stated that "This career is due to a need for the preparation of talents in health, which responds to our multi-ethnic and multicultural reality of our Region. It is a profession where the values of service, empathy and love for the other person are a constant," he said.

In this sense, the teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the venue, reminded those present that cofia is a sign of discretion, dignity, respect, courage, responsibility, honesty, simplicity, service to humanity and loyalty to the profession," she said.

For his part, Dr Fernando Canales, director of SILAIS New Guinea, said that "having this degree of commitment from URACCAN to prepare these young people is important to us, because as ministries, we are interested in having staff from our region so as not to have to bring them from outside," he said.

Canales also said that "the project of having a large and specialized hospital continues to stand and it will be important to have human talents that are now being prepared," the official said.

Interculturality that strengthens us from respect for diversity

In addition, Dr. Alta Hooker, a nurse by profession with a master's degree in public health and rector of the first Intercultural Community University of Latin America; after the imposition of cofia, he assured young students that as authorities it is satisfying to have young people prepare for service.

"To be intercultural nurses and nurses is to attend to the eyes of people; is to know what they say, how they feel, to care for them with love, with will, knowing that in our regions the knowledge of our ancestors is worth it," he explained.

From the commitment of graduating from this house of study, the rector invited young people to develop the vocation of nursing with "ethics, serenity, responsibility, commitment and all the fundamental aspects to provide good health care and provide confidence to those who need it," she said.