URACCAN Las Minas continues to give anti-COVID-19 talks
Student Welfare and Student Government in awareness-raising work.
Jindriska Mayorga Polanco

Reporting responsiblely to the university community

Student Welfare in articulation with the Student Government of URACCAN campus Las Minas gave educational talks to the university community with the aim of raising awareness of the preventive measures implemented by this institution to prevent coronavirus.

Student Welfare Manager Vania Chavarría Vigil and Student Government President Félix Aráuz visited students by classroom, raising awareness of hand washing and other health measures, as URACCAN has responsiblely installed sinks and other hygiene resources throughout the Las Minas compound.

"At the entrance of the main gate is always a guard telling each person who enters, to first wash his hands with soap and water, then apply alcohol to him," the student welfare manager said.

In addition, the President of the Student Government recommended that students report when they need hygiene items, such as soap, alcohol, or chlorinated water, so that they are always provided for their safety.

It should be noted that URACCAN has been implementing new strategies for the implementation of its prevention protocol since the rectory. Among them, it stands out that in each area and pavilion have been put chlorinated carpets (pediluvios) and dispensers supplied with alcohol.

The rector of this house of intercultural higher education Dr. Alta Hooker, concerned with ensuring the health of the university community executes a security protocol adjusted to the multi-ethnic context of the Caribbean Coast.