Rectory of URACCAN, on an accompanying visit to the university extensions of Las Minas
URACCAN Rectory Team, strengthening communication and information with its university extensions.
Neylin Calderon

Informational dialogues with university extensions

As part of the preparation around the Obligations of Law 704, The Act establishing the National System for quality assurance of education and regulator of the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (CNEA), and to contextualize URACCAN officials and officials on the safety protocol before COVID-19, Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of that institution, , in the company of vice-chancellor of the Las Minas campus, addresses of the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), Of Disclosure and Academic, made an accompanying visit to the university extensions of this campus.  

The follow-up visit began on Monday, May 04 in the Waslala extension and culminated on Tuesday 05 of the current in the Rosita and Bonanza extension, where the rector had the opportunity to express how, from URACCAN, she is facing the situation of the coronavirus, prevention measures, information transmitted to the university community and how, from the multicultural context of the peoples of the Caribbean Coast , measures oriented by health authorities are taken up, but from their own customs, traditions, beliefs and worldviews.

According to PhD Leonor Ruiz, vice-chancellor of the Las Minas venue, this accompaniment has served to contextualize URACCAN staff in this territory. "We have made the effort to be communicating about the pandemic, but also about the Obligations of Law that we have to comply with, yet this further strengthens this communication; our workers are happy and happy to have our rector's visit," the academic authority said.

Strengthening new knowledge

Teacher Letisia Castillo, academic director, outlined the Obligations of Law 704 and reported on the visit made to URACCAN by the CNEA evaluator pairs, to assess whether the university has all the requirements of Article 10 of the indicated law; while master Carlos Manuel Flores gave a lecture on the current context of COVID-19.

The Msc. Rosidani Molina Argoello, coordinator of the Waslala extension, expressed appreciation for rectory's visit, ensuring that as a university extension they are prepared to receive the visit of the CNEA, as they are complying with the Obligations of Law, on infrastructure and the 5 institutional functions of the Institutional Strategic Plan 2015-2019.

For his part, Professor Eulogio Pedro Rufus, coordinator of URACCAN extension Bonanza, considered it essential to visit the Rectory team, where the security protocol of this university was informed. "We were presented with 9 elements where we must be prepared to receive the evaluator pairs. the learning community must comply with all regulations, regulations that are established and reach a quality that we dream of," the coordinator emphasized.

In addition, teacher Yaneth Sevilla, coordinator of the university extension in Rosita, assured that this type of dialogue "allows us to know in depth and have a broader view of the context in which we are (...); it's important because it's a way of how we feel backed by our authorities for the good of college."

Equipment of sanitary kits to extensions

It is important to note that, since Rectory of URACCAN, a university extension of a health kit consisting of health materials was delivered, which will be used by the educational community; this as part of the preventive measures that are being implemented in the 4 enclosures and 4 extensions of this Intercultural Community University in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In this sense, Ruiz reported that among the Kit there is a pediluvio, which is a carpet with its tray, "where students can clean their feet to get in and out; this brings alcohol and a dispenser where you have to store soap to wash your hands (...) We are complying with the institutional protocol derived from the Governance Protocol, by WHO-led standards," concluded the vice-chancellor of the Las Minas compound.