Thematic table on Intercultural Higher Education

By: José Garth Medina

Regional strengthening of peoples from Intercultural Higher Education, was one of the topics addressed within the framework of the 25 years of foundation of the Intercultural Community Universities and the 32 years of Autonomia on the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

The thematic table was composed of psychology students, Students of the Doctorate in Intercultural Studies and the career of Intercultural Medicine of URACCAN, sharing that URACCAN has strengthened the Autonomia of Peoples since Higher Education with the training of men and women from the different Peoples of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua and Abya Yala.

Timely training

One of the elements manifested by the members of the table was that URACCAN, in order to achieve the formation of the different Peoples, installed University Campuses in the two Autonomous Regions, where it also sprayed extensions, which allowed to have the university closer to the different indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples, mestizos and other communities of the Caribbean of Nicaragua.

In addition, the members and participants of the table analyzed URACCAN's intercultural community accompaniment from its four enclosures to the Caribbean peoples, making a combination of ancestral and Western knowledge, evidenced in the recreation of the knowledge, making and feelings of the peoples, articulated it with the pedagogical model of URACCAN.

Accompaniment and relevance

In addition, it highlighted the construction of citizens who respect each other, removing gender barriers, a lengthy process that has been driving URACCAN and that aims to make it more practical.

Finally, thematic table highlighted the relevance of URACCAN's academic offer, based on the strengthening of Regional Autonomy, relevant to the regional development of the Caribbean Coast, strengthening the identity of the peoples and the customs and traditions of each of them.