Digital marketing course at URACCAN Las Minas

By: José Garth Medina

URACCAN, through the Caribbean Region Communications Infrastructure Improvement Program (Carcip) with Funds from the World Bank, implemented the Digital Marketing Course, with the aim of learning how to define all marketing activities related to digital technology. The course was taught from December 2 to 4, 2019 at URACCAN Las Minas, on its Siuna campus, with the certification of 25 men and women, under a process coordinated by the Directorate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of URACCAN. The next courses will also be held in New Guinea from 11 to 13 December 2019 and bilwi from 6 to 7 January 2020.

In this regard, Sandra Rosales, project manager of the firm Thaliews.Inc., commented that a total of 150 young people and educators from the Caribbean Coast are being formed, as this same course takes place in parallel in the city of Bluefields, South Caribbean Coast.

Leveraging ICTs

For his part, Elizandro Guardián Jarquín, student of URACCAN Rosita extension, assured that this course allows him to be at the forefront with technology, use of social networks and digital formats that comes to change the ways of advertising, allowing him to position himself in the market and publicize products outside the region.

In addition, Master Eulogio Pedro Rufus, coordinator of URACCAN extension Bonanza, noted the importance of continuing to train higher education institutions, strengthening tools to make visible what they do in their territories.

In addition, the teacher María Antonia Ríos, teacher of URACCAN extension Rosita, showed her appreciation for this training, mentioning that "She is providing tools to enter the age of globalization, with tools that facilitate interaction with customers and students who have innovative projects can use social networks better", he emphasized.

Finally, Julissa Gonzales, a teacher at URACCAN venue Las Minas, at her Campus in Siuna, said these are tools that will allow them to support the team to share with students and strengthen the knowledge of the entire URACCAN team participating in the digital marketing course.