URACCAN celebrates the XXIII anniversary of the founding of its New Guinea
URACCAN New Guinea's vice-chancellor, PhD. Eugenio López, offering the central words of the ceremony.
Judith Robleto

URACCAN, from the New Guinea site, has delivered 2,258 professionals to the region.

The university community of URACCAN celebrated the 23 years of founding of its New Guinea precinct, which opened on August 11, 1997, thanks to the agreement signed between the URACCAN authorities and the municipal government, and the noble efforts of some honorable citizens of the municipality.

The ceremony, in addition to the authorities of the venue, involved government delegations, local institutions and founding members, who recalled that, in its beginnings, URACCAN New Guinea had a tuition of 110 students and today, thanks to the selfless work of the entire university community, 2,258 professionals have been given to the municipality since 2003, of which 1377 are women and 841 are male.

The central anniversary celebration event featured extensive community participation and institutional representatives from New Guinea, where the lives and legacy of co-workers, teachers and founders of URACCAN and the venue that are now on another plane of life were remembered through a video, but will continue in the history of this study house.

Teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the venue, offered the words of welcome, noting that "today we celebrate 23 years with pride of existence, of dedication to promote with quality academic excellence, social and community extension, to achieve local and region development and many municipalities that our alma mater covers".

URACCAN: a walk from the commitment of its collaborators and students

Since its foundation, this house of studies was born to make these brilliant minds of the region stand out, due to the commitment of always of the teaching, administrative plant and the same studied; in this sense, Dr. Eugenio López Mairena, vice-chancellor of the venue, and who gave central words at the anniversary event, highlighted the laudable work of URACCAN's intercultural teaching.

"His commitment goes hand in hand with walking to the rhythm of a pandemic context; these months have been difficult, our teachers do extraordinary things and I say extraordinary to ensure quality from virtuality, that implies a lot of dedication, work, empathy with the student, that student who has said present, that student who is active in face-to-face classrooms, but others who responds to virtuality, considering that this is everyone's job" , the vice-chancellor reflected.

Lopez also noted that "This then raises us, that an education with quality, equity and relevance, must be the way to respond to educational problems in contexts such as today, in the search for the political, community, economic, cultural, territorial and spiritual vindication of the different peoples".

URACCAN, dreams fulfilled and projects to continue

The 21st anniversary event of the New Guinea precinct also featured the participation of its founder, the teacher Claribel of the Rosario Castillo Abeda, who excited as every time she talks about URACCAN, counted the path traveled to become the youngest venue of this house of knowledge.

"In 2001, at the campus, an exhibition of the University Council was declared an enclosure and from there we have been growing, growing up to what it is today; we can continue to talk about all its development and there is much to read about history in magazines and books, but it is important that we analyze that this university was born to give opportunity to all those people who did not have the opportunity, indigenous peoples, miskitus, Mayangnas, blacks, branches and half-breeds like each of us , so that those of us who did not have the opportunity to have it and for those who do not have the opportunity here today also have it," recalled Claribel Castillo, who currently serves as mayor of this municipality.

Castillo stated that having URACCAN "has been a struggle over the years, and now you have all the conditions, what is needed is desire, motivation, energy, enthusiasm". In addition, he invited the student present to get excited, to prepare himself with love and affection, in solidarity with the people.

Through this solemn act, recognition was given to teachers schedules and permanent staff who have worked for 10 and 20 years consecutively; as well as students with the highest academic performance of the semester.