URACCAN-CEIMM and commissions for the eradication of violence participate in working session and reflections
Many of the elements of reflection arose from research Violence, Gender and Spirituality.
Josselyn Flores

Contributing to a violence-free society

The Center for Multi-Ethnic Women's Studies and Information (CEIMM) and the Commission for the Eradication of Violence and Other Related Intolerance of URACCAN Bluefields venue participated in a working and reflection session to address the context of the educational community on the issue of discrimination and gender-based violence, the achievements made in the work process and new strategies to continue contributing to a space free of violence , as part of the Regional Day against Violence and Discrimination.

Proposals for the university community

For two days they were working on proposals to introduce the campus authorities, the vice-chancellor, Dr. Diala López, and academic secretary, Heydi Guillén, a class methodology that addresses issues of sex education, gender-based violence, in order to reduce the problems faced by young university students.

These proposals also arise from the analysis carried out by the members of the commission and the CEIMM in conjunction with some teachers from the Humanities area to the research "Violence, Gender and Spirituality".

The space also led to dialogues on what members have developed in dealing with issues of gender-based violence that have been presented in both the community and the university.

Similarly, the work plan that they have been implementing during the year was presented, to assess the implementation of the activities proposed and which should be included next year.

Finally, teacher Zocorro Wood gave a presentation to help members learn more about the concepts of discrimination and violence on the Caribbean Coast.