They hold a fourth session of the URACCAN Academic Secretariat at the Las Minas campus
This new planning aims to strengthen the knowledge of high schoolers who have had an irregular school year.
José Garth Medina

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The Academic Secretariats of URACCAN held their fourth working session of the year 2020 in the Las Minas campus, where they addressed the admission policy, the Common Semester, the Propedeutic Course 2021 and the institutional regulation, among other topics of relevance for the new academic year, reported Dr. Letisia Castillo Gómez, academic director of URACCAN.

URACCAN is preparing for a new propedeutic and a common semester. Therefore, from the academic area work has been worked on the subject programs of the propedeutic course, as well as the basic texts that will be used in the course.

"In this session what we are doing is reviewing to finish fine-tuning the basic texts of the Propedeutic Course and the Common Semester, and corresponding to the subjects of Mathematics and Oral and Written Communication, so that students have the necessary tools," said teacher Castillo Gómez.

He also assured that the change that has been made in the Propedeutic Course is designed to reinforce "the knowledge of the 2020 high schoolers who have had an irregular year for the pandemic and in the region because of the two hurricanes that affected us, so a change was made in the number of hours and content, to reinforce that knowledge they need to enter the university".

In the case of mathematics and Spanish, some content was deepened, so the Propedeutic Course becomes a tool to deepen the content of the baccalaureate, the common semester does not repeat contents but content that are necessary for admission to the university.

One of the changes that 2021 will have in the academic part is that students already enter a month into the Propedeutic Course and then to a common semester, contrary to what was done before, that they spent a month in the course and then entered the first year of the race, explained the teacher Castillo Gómez.

The academic year 2021 begins on January 5 and very good enrollment is expected, as every year, so that the Propedeutic Course starts on that date and the common course for the new entry is in February, the rest of the races continue normal in February.