Replica of the Digital Marketing Course

By: Judith Robleto

The permanent staff of the University of the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, (URACCAN), New Guinea Campus, is being trained in Digital Marketing, as part of the use of technological tools, one of the bets of this house of intercultural higher education studies, which seeks the use of educational technology.

The workshop is a replica, digital marketing course with international certification of Digital Marketing Practitioner Certification, made as part of the agreement with CARCIP / TELCOR.

In this context, permanent staff from this venue who participated in previous months in this workshop, are sharing their knowledge with the rest of the staff.

The facilitation of the first of the 4 modules that make up this workshop, was carried out by the teachers Elder González and Mibsam Aragón.

For Gonzalez, "we are being facilitators of knowledge and practical skills that we have acquired and consider very useful especially in our context of intercultural community university that bets on relevant training and transformation processes through entrepreneurship," he said.

Gonzales also referred to the potential installed in this house of technology studies, "considering that our university has many good technological capabilities installed we are aiming to promote learning processes on marketing activities related to digital technology, from strategic planning, tool management, optimization in search engines and social networks with a focus on new channels and audience that explores online content sources , for its applicability in participants' business models," he said

Long-term and dedicated achievements

Within the modules are the development and business optimization of digital marketing channels, as well as optimization of the digital channel in motion; which will demonstrate the skills acquired in the development of the marketing project.

In this sense, final products will be presented according to the strategic plan developed during the workshops provided on Saturdays for one month.