URACCAN campus New Guinea begins construction of an open classroom in Jerusalem Natural Laboratory
The funds for this work come from the 6% constitutional and own funds of the university.
Judith Robleto

Creating conditions for an environmentally friendly learning environment

URACCAN campus New Guinea has begun the process of building an open classroom and health services at the Jerusalem Natural Laboratory on this campus. The project arises from the need for the university authorities to identify the need for open classrooms to develop classes in the space where they would also be able to do their internships.

The site of the construction was made present the vice-chancellor of the enclosure, PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, administrator Magda Martínez and General Service manager Yarielka Moraga, who together with contractor Daniel Paiba Murillo, verified the measurements and the place where the work will be carried out, which is expected to be delivered in mid-January 2021.

This project for educational purposes is awarded according to Resolution No. FE/09-3011/2020, as a result of the Purchase for Minor Contracts process Ref. CM/FE-09-2020-422.

This construction site generates an investment of more than eight hundred thousand córdobas. According to teacher Magda Martínez, both works will be made possible by funds from 6% constitutional and URACCAN own funds, generated from the New Guinea site.

For the PhD. Eugenio López Mairena, the constructions are carried out with the purpose of "improving the comfort and learning environments of our student at our intercultural community university".