URACCAN venue Bluefields holds first working session for pre-planning 2021
The professional team at the Bluefields venue works considering the current pandemic context.
Noel Aguilera

Strengthening institutional work

As part of the pre-planning for the year 2021, since the coordination of Planning of URACCAN enclosure Bluefields is held the first working session, in order to strengthen from the technical and academic areas the form of organization and work processes of this house of higher studies.

Teacher Diala López, vice-chancellor of the compound, argued that "as a Bluefields venue we are organizing for pre-planning 2021. We were sharing with each of the managers and coordinators of technical and academic areas the different orientations depending on starting with the technical and budgetary pre-planning for the coming year, starting from an analysis of the context and how we have been advancing this year in relation to the activities that were scheduled, which of them we will resume and what new activities we will be developing from each of the areas".

According to the teacher López, it is intended to implement a planning that is oriented to the strengthening of the academic area and that research is developed that can build and strengthen these training spaces as well as from the institutes those actions that are oriented to accompany the peoples of the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.  

It should be mentioned that it is a space where the different coordinations of areas have the option of raising their concerns as well as presenting proposals that provide a better strengthening in terms of the work part of this vocational training institution.

The Licda. Wilma Hodgson, planning coordinator of this campus, noted that "we held our first meeting for pre-planning, the idea is to organize to start this work process, where we addressed the point of how the planning process on which we are going to rely this year will work, since this next year we will rely on the planning of the current year , how activities will be recycled or developed for this coming year and when we will touch the budget part and how that process will also be."