Bluefields Campus University Council meets to assess your academic work
The coordinator of Economic and Administrative Sciences presented a report of the modalities by meeting and face-to-face.
Josselyn Flores

These sessions also discuss the fulfillment of objectives

The Bluefields Campus University Council (CUR) met to assess substantial aspects of academic work on that campus, in terms of the educational strategy of the second semester for the 2020 school year.

Area coordinators, as well as institutes and centres, participated in the session, in conjunction with Vice-Chancellor and Academic Secretariat.

Agenda points developed

The session started by reading the agreements from the previous session, in order to analyze the compliance of each of them.

Subsequently, as established in the institutional regulations, it was reflected around the Mission and Vision of URACCAN, to strengthen the philosophy that should stand out in the work of higher education and the contribution to Regional Autonomy.

The vice-chancellor of the compound, MSc. Diala Lopez, shared general information. Similarly, the coordinator of the area of Economic and Administrative Sciences, Mr. Francisco Dans, unveiled the report of the modality by meeting and face-to-face, declaring that "We are a university that we lead and guide our students, as an institution we carry the bread of knowledge, because we are committed to the population of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast".

To complete the agenda, the management report for the second quarter was provided between those present and new agreements were subsequently reached.