Expert in political marketing and communication gives lecture for URACCAN
Through this space he fostered creativity, planning and constant research to strengthen institutional identity.
Ricardo Guzmán

The activity aroused great interest and revitalized the creativity of the participants

The Mexican expert in political marketing and communication, Darío Mendoza Atriano, provided this morning a videoconference entitled "The university in the era of Hyperconnection", in which the Communication teams of URACCAN participated, from the different venues, extensions in the Caribbean and the Liaison Office located in Managua.

This important activity was organized by the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI) and the coordination of the Institute of Studies and Promotion of Autonomy (IEPA) of the Las Minas campus, and began with the words of welcome and thanks of the vice-chancellor of that campus, Phd. Leonor Ruiz Calderón, who highlighted the important role of intercultural communicators in indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race territories.

Throughout his valuable dissertation, based on his extensive career as a government advisor and international educator, the Mexican specialist emphasized deepening from Intercultural Communication the institutional identity already defined by URACCAN, so that the feelings and emotions of the Caribbean population delve even deeper into the raison d'etion of this Intercultural Community University.

"To grow," said the Mendoza master's degree, "it is necessary to have identity, to make clear who we are, how we enrich our own being, what we believe in and where we are going." To this end, intercultural communication must strategically plan the mechanisms that position URACCAN as a brand that expresses the being and feel of communities, which are already included in their institutional policies and regulations.

According to the marketer, URACCAN, through the Institute of Intercultural Communication (ICI), must develop research that allows it to poll the needs and interests of the population, to determine the messages and channels through which to reach it effectively.

For all of the above, URACCAN should make a leap to communication 360, advised the expert. In addition, you must manage a "big data" from your website and social networks, to get information about "who sees or hears us, what they like, what their preferred connection times are; all of which allow creative messages to be designed and concrete results achieved."

To conclude his timely and nutritious conference, which generated enormous interest and multiple learnings among the communicators of this house of study, the Mexican specialist left an exercise: define with what concepts each participant associated with URACCAN by listening, reading or thinking about this acronym (word). "Just by saying URACCAN, what impact does it have and what does it mean to the listener?"

Interesting facts about Dario Mendoza Atriano

His link with URACCAN arose from an educational program funded by USAID, through which he taught in the Diploma in Leadership and Political Management, developed in the Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast. He traveled to Bluefields, Siuna and Bilwi as part of this initiative, through which many young leaders were trained in the territories mentioned.

Mendoza Atriano is a lecturer and consultant at George Washington University's Graduate College of Political Management in Washington DC, United States of America.

He is currently Director of Strategy and Communication at BlitzDigital, Social MediaI & Political Consulting. He has served as a consultant for election campaigns and government communication in Mexico and Central America. He is also an expert in crisis management for public and private institutions.