UNAN-Managua joins pro-URACCAN solidarity actions
The director of the Design and Construction Division of UNAN-Managua (with her team), handing over to the head of General Services of URACCAN, Léster Solís.
Ricardo Guzmán

URACCAN "is a strong university, a warrior university, and this is just a test of everything they can do."

The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua (UNAN-Managua), through its director of the Design and Construction Division, Ana Belén Tórrez, brought to the URACCAN Liaison Office a significant donation to help with the rehabilitation of roof covers ravaged by hurricanes Eta and Iota in the enclosures and extensions of the North Caribbean Coast.

The donation consists of 3,200 units of sweets, 10 sheets of smooth zinc and 30 sheets of wavy zinc (12, 16 and 10 feet, 26 gauge). "This is a contribution from UNAN-Managua to URACCAN, which has suffered serious damage to its infrastructure," she said.

On behalf of the rector of UNAN-Managua and president of the National Council of Universities, MSc. Ramona Rodríguez, and from our "humanist vision, we want families who suffered from both hurricanes to have strength and that all Nicaraguan families can support this cause," Tórrez said.

Tórrez ended by ensuring that "With everyone's support, URACCAN will succeed. It's a strong university, a warrior university and this is just a test of everything they can do."

UNC Commission, on an accompanying tour

The rector of URACCAN, Dr. Alta Hooker, meets in Bilwi with The Rector Rodríguez, who heads a UNC commission, in solidarity with this study house, to make a detailed damage report, on which reconstruction actions will be planned.

URACCAN is deeply grateful to UNAN-Managua and for its generous donation, as well as to all those who continue to help families on the Caribbean Coast.