Bluefields Precinct Vice-Chancellor Team Meets to Discuss Proposals
Participants shared their experiences in relation to the current pandemic context.
Josselyn Flores

Proposals for academic continuity 2020

The areas of Administration, Human Resources, Dissemination and Technical Coordination, of the Vice-Chancellorship team of the Bluefields venue, met to discuss academic and work continuity proposals and strategies for the start of the second half of the 2020 school year.

Work and reflection agenda on the current context

The session began with an important dynamic of reflection on the challenges that participants have faced from their working spaces because of the current context.

As a next agenda item, the tasks to be carried out for the fulfillment of quarterly planning for each area were addressed, thus ensuring a good performance in the University Management System.

"We analyze the actions that we must implement to bring out what we have scheduled in our quarterly plan, as well as propose what strategies we create based on the importance of communication and the visibility of the action of these tasks."

Similarly, emphasis was placed on the need to keep the university community willing to continue the academic process, complying with each of the prevention measures established in the URACCAN security protocol.

The teacher exhorted to be creative to reach the student, contributing to the teaching-learning process, in a way that motivates university students in the continuity of higher education.

General Information

As a point of closure, the agreements of the virtual session of the University Council were made known, emphasizing the functions that it is concerned to work with the Bluefields venue.