Teachers of Intercultural Medicine receive 16-month training on Problem-Based Learning (ABP)
Pedagogical training for teachers of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN Bilwi campus
Pedagogical training for teachers of Intercultural Medicine at URACCAN Bilwi campus
Neylin Calderon

Pedagogical training that strengthens intercultural education

Teachers from the area of Health Sciences of URACCAN Bilwi campus began with pedagogical training to deepen knowledge on the methodology of Problem-Based Learning (ABP), used by the medical sciences.

In this regard, Dr. Ivania López, coordinator of the area, stated that in training endogenous and exogenous education is intertwined from the methodology used to evaluate the student.

Themes that reinforce intercultural knowledge

Also, during the four days of training other topics will also be addressed, such as Institutional Philosophy, "we will also have a few days with teacher Serafina Espinoza (director of the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development, IMTRADEC-URACCAN), who will share us about the most common diseases, from a cultural view," he explained.

The themes of intercultural health are reinforced with the aim of for teachers to delve deeper into these topics, learning a little about the worldviews and spiritualities of indigenous, Afro-descendant and mixed-race peoples of the Caribbean Coast; and then to feed back that knowledge in classrooms, "our students have to take this into account when diagnosing to care for patients, always take into account the perception that the population, mainly indigenous or Afro has," López said.

Preparations for the start of the 2021 school year

It should be mentioned that the teachers who make up this training will start this Monday with the 2021 school year, therefore, this pedagogical training (performed twice a year), will focus on the topics necessary for this new academic year.

Finally, Dr. Maryluz Rodríguez expressed that each meeting is different, because health knowledge is fortified, "even though we have had training in this type of methodology, but often it is different, the student and the teacher tries to strengthen and standardize some things, because we have to follow what the academic regime demands," he concluded.