Teachers from URACCAN campus New Guinea participate in technological training
Teacher training at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Teacher training at URACCAN campus New Guinea
Judith Robleto

Continuous academic strengthening at URACCAN

Teachers of URACCAN campus New Guinea, are trained in topics such as Institutional Philosophy, Intercultural Gender Perspective, Teaching Planning, Learning Assessment and Update in the new virtual platform of URACCAN, in order to accompany the learning processes of the students who will start their classes in this enclosure.

From the focus of the First Intercultural Community University in Latin America, we continuously work to strengthen the learning processes, with the preparation and updating of the teaching plant of this study house. This year's teacher training has as its motto: "Technology strengthening learning processes in Higher Education".

Training in technology use

According to the PhD. Eugenio López, vice-chancellor of URACCAN New Guinea, for URACCAN, a quality education is one that guarantees integrality and that assumes as a priority the integral training of the student from their realities; that is why the use of technological tools in classrooms is also challenging, assertively.

"In the process of transitioning from the previous platform to this new platform, and in any space, technological, face-to-face or virtual, what must prevail is our institutional philosophy and our educational quality, they must be in correspondence with the learning environments and evaluation environments," López said, adding that "they must be, at all times, instruments for the integral training of the professionals we form at this university" Said.

In this same sense, teacher Consuelo Blandón, academic secretary of the campus, stated that "doing this teaching training is of paramount importance, because we are increasingly presented with new challenges and challenges, such as the case of the pandemic this year, so from URACCAN we try to give new tools to our teaching staff to be prepared," he said.

For her part, teacher Katia Peña, teacher of the campus, says that the trainings provided by URACCAN "are very relevant, both for the training process of teachers and students," she explained.

"URACCAN has appropriated and appropriated us to manage the different technological tools and seek different resources for us to face this situation, to the point that the student has remained in his classes," Peña concluded.