URACCAN Las Minas students create family risk response plan
Family response plan delivery activity for risks.  
Algiers Hernandez

URACCAN Las Minas University Students, Building Emergency Plans

Within the framework of the subject Climate Change and Risk Management, students of the career Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development of URACCAN campus Las Minas created a family response plan of risk, which they gave to authorities of the Mayor of Siuna for the purposes of its execution in the face of any emergency.

"We are trying to make clear what Law 337 says, which aims to establish the general principles, standards, provisions and instruments necessary to create and allow the operation of an interinstitutional risk reduction-oriented system through disaster prevention, mitigation and care activities, whether natural or provocative," said Luis Herrera Siles, coordinator of the Institute for the Study and Promotion of Autonomy (IEPA).

Herrera explained that the first stage, which is the family response plan, has already been completed with the students, "now we are going to make the response plan of the ward or community where the student lives; this plan will coordinate with umGIR which is the Municipal Risk Management Unit; with this we will get students back to their ward or community a product of vital importance for risk management," he emphasized.

For his part, Mario Pérez, municipal risk coordinator of the Mayor of Siuna, stated that the delivery of family risk response plans contributes to the actions that families must take at the time of an event.

"The work delivered today does not stay there: we will work from a family plan, neighborhood, community until we achieve with all the elements received build the municipal risk response plan," Perez said.

The award involved 22 students of the fourth year of the career Social Sciences with Mention in Local Development, as well as teachers from URACCAN campus Las Minas.