"Act for what the Spirit tells us, to have confidence" before COVID-19
The traditional physician Guidian Morales during his dissertation on indigenous peoples before the pandemic.
Neylin Calderon

Diversity of medicinal plants used by indigenous peoples

Participation and approach to coVID-19 pandamia is fundamental and decisive in contextualizing the reality of COVID-19 from a holistic perspective from the indigenous and Afro-descendant peoples of the Nicaraguan Caribbean Coast, a multi-ethnic and multicultural region.

"We will act for what the Spirit tells us, to have confidence; but if we act on the ego, we already fail; let us not get carried away by what social media says," so began his reflection Guidian Morales, Traditional Physician of the city of Bilwi, during the dialogue entitled "Addressing Intercultural Health on the COVID-19 Pandemic", which was moderated by Dr. Alta Hooker, rector of URACCAN held on the morning of May 08, at the Bilwi compound.

This intercultural higher education house has fought for the promotion of rights and respect for the worldview of indigenous peoples, Afro-descendants and mestizos of the Caribbean Coast, which is why, in this context of the Coronavirus, since rectory in coordination with the Institute of Traditional Medicine and Community Development (IMTRADEC), the Regional Government, the Ministry of Health and traditional doctors in the region , have promoted and developed this spaces of dialogue, where their own alternatives are sought for the prevention of the pandemic from an intercultural approach.

In this sense, the traditional physician assured that in the region there are quantities of medicinal plants "that have healing properties to combat this COVID-19 pandemic", adding that the indigenous population knows the most common ones, which can be used to elevate immune defenses and prevent respiratory diseases. "We can mention: ginger, lemon, eucalyptus, coriander, these are respiratory plants, we have to use them quite a bit as tea; there is also another plant called Santa Maria, in miskitus it is known as kawaka," Guidian said.

Finally, Morales thanked URACCAN for taking into account the knowledge and knowledge of traditional doctors, because that contributes to the Good Living and Good Living of multicultural peoples. "Thank you for giving me this opportunity and, as I told you before, you have to live with the Spirit, with a positive mind, you don't have to believe much in what you write, you have to live the present with the positive," the doctor concluded.  

Guidian Morales, also in charge of doing the spiritual ceremony with which the conversation began, where spirituality was resumed with the elements of nature, so candles were lit, which represented a light to counteract the pandemic of COVID-19.