Psychology students continue to carry messages of encouragement and solidarity
Young university students of URACCAN Bluefields enclosure, showing papergraphers with messages of emotional support.
Josselyn Flores

Support for the emotional health of URACCAN staff

Students of the Career Psychology in Multicultural Contexts, led by the graduate Marsha Cuadra, professor of Psychology, continue to bring positive encouragement and messages to the staff of URACCAN Bluefields precinct.

The reflections of the student are framed in the context that the country lives in the face of the health situation that is generating tension and stress in the population.

Faced with this, the teacher states that "from the area of Psychology we are promoting positive actions in order to maintain emotional balance, the students created some recommendations that they shared with the university community, workers, teachers and students of the campus".

Cuadra explains that the objective is to promote these activities of reflection with each person being reached; "We are doing this so so that everyone can have emotional stability, which is vitally important within their work and in their homes."

The dynamic with which the students and the teacher worked was to translate in papergraph the orientations they deemed appropriate to ensure emotional health; they were subsequently shared through visits to the different offices of each worker in the compound.

University Eleonora Peña explained that "as psychology students we are reaching the university community with messages of stress management and motivating them emotionally; among the recommendations we are sharing is to maintain faith especially right now that we are living in the face of health problems."

Peña also emphasizes that another important action to implement is timely information, so they advise choosing a specific time and a means of preference to be properly informed, without falling into out of control because of bad information.

Similarly, the young Alastenia López, another psychology student, said they hope to get positive results with this dynamic. "We hope that the people we are visiting will reflect on the emotional state they have had about the current situation," she concluded.