Intercultural Nursing students do Anatomy and Physiology internships
Jeudrin Mercado: "This class helps us to enrich knowledge and know how to differentiate the different parts of the skin, as well as the types of bones".
Judith Robleto

Anthropometric measurement allows to determine whether the body is female or male.

36 young students from the first year of Intercultural Nursing, in URACCAN New Guinea, perform internships of the subjects of Anatomy and Physiognomy, where they analyzed the epidermal, muscular and bone tissue.

The group's medical examiner and teacher, Rafaela Montoya, assures that the practice allows them to identify, mainly, the "anthropometric measurement that allows them to visualize if it is feminine, masculine, what structure they have on the table, both skull, long, short, irregular bones and that facilitates their learning, since they have an opportunity to know anatomical structures of the human body , not just in mock-ups."

This career focuses most of his pennsum on laboratory practices, rotating practices in care facilities, in neighborhoods and communities in the different Caribbean territories.

In this sense, Jeudrin Mercado Sosa, assured that "we start this class with theory and today we come to move from the theoretical to the practical, to relate it, and this class helps us to enrich the knowledge and know how to differentiate the different parts of the skin, as well as the types of bones".

In this regard, María Guadalupe Sánchez, "This part is important to me because I am learning new things, for I have studied theory, but not physically, where I can recognize sutures, lines; this helps us learn about every part of the bones that make up our organism."

URACCAN's intercultural health-focused curriculum promotes the acquisition of meaningful, relevant and relevant knowledge, based on the realities of the Caribbean Coast, which is why it includes the six types of strategic and integrated learning: Learning to Learn, Learning to Do, Learning to Live Together, Learning to Be, Learning to Start and Learning to Create.