Students from the Fourth Year of Psychology Receive Therapeutic Workshop on Psychoeducation
The Fourth Year of Psychology in Multicultural Contexts is made up of women. But sessions are done with all groups.
Neylin Calderon

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Wan klauna tasbaika baiki sakan p'wankara brih wapaia au win uplika nani kul sinska l'ka bri baku paskisa

Students from the fourth year of URACCAN's Psychology in Multicultural Contexts career, at its Bilwi campus, received a therapeutic workshop on Psychoeducation, as a way to reinforce emotional intelligence, which was taught by the psychologist and responsible for the student welfare area, Licda. Ada Rodriguez Chow.

According to psychologist Rodriguez, this is to reinforce the maturity and interpersonal relationships of students, and "all the elements that have to do with them, such as communication, respect, empathy, among others".

In addition, Ada Rodríguez stated that the main objective of such therapeutic activities is to "be able to provide students with more personal tools for the development of themselves in the work areas".

Topics that contribute to good mental health

"During therapy we touch on topics such as: emotional dependence relationships, toxic relationships with families, relevant personal relationships within the realm of emotions, addictions, sexual and reproductive rights within a more personal point of view, how do I perceive my sexual rights and how do I apply them?" detailed Rodriguez.

Finally, the psychologist said that these kinds of sessions are held every Wednesday from 08:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the Bilwi compound facility. "With the other years of the career we have skill workshops that are not exactly therapeutic spaces, but we work on topics such as anger management, teamwork, and other types of components or skills," Rodriguez concluded.